What Now? My Hosting Company is not an IT Company?

consulting chart with business elements on blackboard

There is a huge difference between just a “Hosting Company” and an “IT Company that provides in-house Hosting”.   The most common time to learn this is ironically when things go wrong and your site is down and your business is sustaining losses. This is not something they teach you in Business 101, but is something…

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The Number One Question To Ask Your Cloud VPS Hosting Provider

Online Security Technology

This is a question that is rarely asked or considered and has both huge operational, performance and security implications.  Some providers acknowledge the issues behind them but largely have not resolved or them or found any workable solution. This one question is one that will make most network and sysadmins cringe. Do you use Shared…

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VPS Down! Who Pulled The Plug?

Conceptual keyboard - Downtime (blue key)

This is something we have never seen but nevertheless interesting and something all admins and anyone on a Linux/Unix based machine must be careful and aware of. We got a ticket from a client worried that something was wrong with their server, they were installing something when it suddenly went down.  We checked and their…

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$60Million Bitcoin Heist from Bitfinex Exchange


Security is paramount in the financial world and Bitcoin is no exception, although banks get robbed and defrauded each day as well, there is a lot more attention surrounding virtual currency.  However, these stories are captivating because Bitcoin has no centralized management and is still attractive to this day for users and businesses. The first…

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WordPress Hosting Performance Issues

gears wordpress

WordPress is by far one of the most popular blogging platforms but also one of the most complex in terms of protecting from attacks. One example was a client who kept upgrading his package with another provider until switching to us.  He paid us to consult and look into why his site was slow and…

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