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Managed cPanel VPS Specials

  • compevo Hero 24/7 Managed Support
  • Remote Backups & Monitoring
  • Daily Updates

From $69/month

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Facilities Worldwide

We're neighbors with Facebook, Google, Disney, Apple and other top Datacenters.

Multi-million facilities in North America, Europe and Asia can meet the needs of businesses around the world. Expand your business to local markets, to create CDNs and for backup and disaster recovery.

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Cloud VPS Done Right

Our Cloud is faster and more reliable!

No Shared Network Storage, 1 to 1 fault tolerance with no overloading or overselling.

From $38.99/month

Cloud USA Cloud Canada

NoSQL + MySQL Hybrid Database

  • Best of Both Worlds without limitations of pure NoSQL.
  • MySQL Clustered.
  • NoSQL Access & APIs.

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VPS Servers in Canada

Superior Datacenter with the best routing, uptime and unaffected by disasters

From $9.99/month

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VPS Servers in South Korea

Strategic Routing Within Asia.

From $19.99/month

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VPS Servers in Singapore

Strategic Routing Within Asia.

From $19.99/month

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The Leader in Reliable, Advanced Business IT Solutions

We've offered rock solid and reliable solutions for our clients for several years. Our ‘0 downtime’ clustered Cloud Servers (Virtual Private Servers) solutions give you peace of mind and flexibility. Our specialty is helping companies to get the best out of their IT infrastructure regardless of their budget.

Dedicated Servers

  • Flexible, Versatile
  • No Sharing RAM/CPU/Disk
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Diverse Plans
  • Multiple Locations

VPS Server Hosting

  • Cloud VPS
  • Dozens of OS Templates
  • Linux & Windows
  • OpenVZ and KVM Virtualization
  • North America, Asia and Europe

Web Hosting

  • 'evo' Cloud Platform
  • CPanel WHM Control Panel
  • Industry Leading Web Hosting
  • Fast, Reliable and Secure
  • Multiple Locations

E-mail Hosting

  • Secure, Reliable, Encrypted
  • Off-shore options
  • Advanced Features
  • Large Storage
  • Personalized Addresss

Bulk Email Services

  • High Limit Plans
  • Diverse IPs
  • Marketing/List Friendly
  • High Performance
  • CPanel Control Panel

IT Management

Welcome to compevo communications.

We are a leading IT services provider because our staff is well-rounded with an aptitude for excellence based on both business and advanced technical knowledge.  We cater to businesses of all sizes and often create custom management packages to outsource all or most of your IT needs, or we can strictly focus on the hosting aspects, SAAS and development or provide expertise to your existing setup.

If you have any questions or needs that aren't addressed by our standard packages or need consulting/support services please contact us and our team will be glad to offer a free proposal and advice

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Why Us ?

  • Industry Leading Customer Service & Support.
  • Green Datacenters = efficiency and savings.
  • Customizable IT Solutions on Demand.
  • Catering to organizatons of all sizes.