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compevo communications has it's own proprietary Cloud Data Center Services. We do not outsource or resell and this is our advantage. Our staff truly know the technology and platform and work as a seamless team to deliver more value and better results than anyone else. Your data is completely secure in our data facilities.

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Providing Leading IT Solutions Since 2001

compevo was founded by CEO, Areeb Soo Yasir in 2001 and has been responsible for compevo's rise as an industry leader in IT solutions. compevo is not just a hosting company, but rather consists of numerous different brands all managed and developed in-house. Because of this compevo is more agile and better able to identify opportunities for its clients and execute the project right until the end. Whether you choose compevo for your support, server management, hosting/servers it is easy to expand and rely on compevo's multifaceted, experienced in-house staff and solutions.


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