Hong Kong VPS Server (Virtual Private Dedicated Server Hong Kong & China) -

Hong Kong VPS Server OpenVZ and KVM Packages
Hong Kong is an ideal place for your VPS and Data to be hosted. We have direct connectivity to China and overseas locations with minimal ping. Hong Kong is the internet hub of Asia and a fantastic gateway into Mainland China without any ICP license required.
    • Bronze

    • $19.99/month

      • RAM 1GB
      • HDD 20GB
      • IPs 1
      • Bandwidth Unmetered
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    • Silver

    • $34.95/month

      • RAM 2GB
      • HDD 40GB
      • IPs 1
      • Bandwidth Unmetered
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    • Gold

    • $44.95/month

      • RAM 4GB
      • HDD 60GB
      • IPs 1
      • Bandwidth Unmetered
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    • Platinum

    • $89/month

      • RAM 8GB
      • HDD 160GB
      • IPs 1
      • Bandwidth Unmetered
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Benefits of  our Hong Kong VPS Packages

  • Direct peering to China, less than 10ms to Shenzhen and 30-40 ms to most other locations including Shanghai and Beijing. (Chinese users will experience pings and speeds as if the server was on the mainland).
  • No content restrictions and no ICP license required for web hosting.
  • The benefits of being in Mainland China without actually being there.
  • International Bandwidth included (no extra charge).
  • The best bandwidth provider in Hong Kong (routing via Pacnet/Asianetcom).
  • Low pings to the Chinese Mainland
  • Reach Chinese users without any regulations/restrictions/ICP requirements (note that your site could still be blocked in China if its contents are not in compliance with the laws of China).

Although Hong Kong is now a terrority of the PRC (People's Republic of China) it actually shares nothing in common with the network providers China Netcom (CNC) and China Telecom (CT).

Hong Kong does have a lot of bandwidth both locally and internationally but for some reason few providers can actually achieve more than 5-40 k/s internationally.  The reason is likely because of peering arrangements and that you need to pay extra to have any real international bandwidth.  We have 10mbit of international bandwidth while most of our competitors have 1mbit or less.

In practice 9/10 ISPs and data centers have no little or no overseas bandwdidth.  Although Hong Kong is generally known as a financial and technological hub, unfortunately the internet speeds, even from high cost datacenters are less than adequate.

What we recommend is those looking for a Hong Kong VPS is to choose our Shenzhen datacenter, which is literally just across the Hong Kong border within mainland China.  The reason for a Hong Kong VPS does not compare to our Shenzhen VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers) is because we have unique peering agreements with all mainland China datacenters we operate.

We have been able to utilize more than 100mbit of international bandwidth in our tests and we're one of the few providers who has direct peering agreements and international bandwidth arrangements inside China.

If you're looking for a Hong Kong VPS, you might find that our Shenzhen VPS and datacenter operations are far more suitable for both the Hong Kong, China and International audience.