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compevo is a leading MSP Consultant

compevo have been the in-house IT experts since 2001 providing service worldwide.  We have the expertise to provide nearly all things IT under our unified brands and partnership.

Below is a quick overview of our expertise.  compevo has taken on projects of all sizes from nearly every industry with both wide and narrow scopes.

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We are experts on Virtualization whether OpenVZ, VMWare, KVM, VirtualBox, Xen we can help you find new innovative solutions whether you just need administration, consolidation or a complete build from scratch we can help!


IT Security Specialist

Let our IT security experts audit both your physical and IT assets to identify and close vulnerable resources and services before you are compromised, leading to expontential losses. 


Linux Systems Administration

Don't have a Linux Administrator or need temporary or permanent extra manpower? Let compevo lend a hand with our experienced Administrators. Whether you need temporary or permanent Administration our staff has you covered. We can help maintain your existing systems, do security audits, upgrades, backups and much more!

Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Salt

Network Administration

Pfsense, BGP, Routers, Switches

Hardware Deployment

Whether you are deploying workstations or racks of servers our team can help in your deployment.


Blockchain Solutions

Even if you are new to blockchain our team can create a solution that will proprel your company above the rest and make transactions smoother.  Whether you are in any industry including healthcare or finance we can help create a solution that will keep your data private and secure.


PHP Web Development

Our team can deploy a wide range of applications to improve your business or even audit and rewrite old code that is no longer maintained. This list is no exhaustive so please get in touch with us to discuss your project today! Even if you are note a technical person you should still click here to get started.


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