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FAQ About Clustered VPS Servers (this is what makes our service better)

Clustered means these are the industry's only mission critical server packages. It means that we put two physical servers behind each VPS so no hardware problem can cause data loss or downtime for your critical business and on-line infrastructure. Clustered means that even if our main server completely fails you won't have downtime and you won't lose data. Traditional solutions from all other companies don't have this feature and is why we charge higher prices than traditional VPS (due to the infrastructure and development that goes into our mission critical servers).
Package USA Cloud 1 USA Cloud 2 USA Cloud 3 USA Cloud 4
RAM 256MB 512MB 756MB 1024MB
HDD 20GB 40GB 60GB 80GB
Bandwidth 250GB 450GB 650GB 1000GB
IP Addresses 1 2 2 2
CPU Cores 1 2 3 4
Price $38.99
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Features & Benefits

State Of The Art Clustering

  • Fully Clustered (no downtime even after complete hardware failure)
  • Never Oversold/Overloaded
  • 100mbit Premium Tier-1 Bandwidth
  • Options for Daily Off-Site Backups
  • Blazing Fast Quad2Core CPU
  • Redundant Network
  • Redundant Storage
  • Guaranteed CPU/Memory/Hard Drive Resources (other users won't slow you down)
  • Fair Share Technology
  • Blazing Fast & Reliable OpenVZ Architecture
  • Fastest Virtualization Technology In The Industry
  • FAQ - VPS Clustered Servers
  • Click Here To Read More About VPS Clustered Servers

  • World Class Data Center
  • 100% Clustered means no downtime or dataloss
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Not Outsourced
  • Located In Canada (optimized for speeds to the entire world)
  • Strategic Network Management & Planning
  • Brand Name Hardware
  • Redundant Low-Latency Network
  • Redundant High-Bandwidth Tier-1 Network
  • No Cogent
  • Guaranteed Resources