Backup & Disaster Recovery Services -

Your data is crucial to your business. As an Administrator or business owner, you have a responsibility to over look many aspects of the business; don’t make losing all your data one of those responsibilities. Switch to Compevo and choose your options for protecting and backing-up all your important data automatically, everyday.

Compevo is one of the first companies to offer an automatic backup option to all our packages, and it gets backed up everyday in another location. It’s one less hassle and one less thing to worry about.

If you’re not with Compevo, are you with a Hosting company that is backing up your data? Is it safe in case of fire, natural disasters or other complications? Is it stored safely in another facility? Most companies can’t offer you those answers, but Compevo can. We guarantee that all your data is backed up everyday in another location for optimal security.

Can you afford to lose that data forever? That loss of data can impact your customer data and ordering information, as well as your relationship and reputation with your clients. Data loss has commonly taken companies into bankruptcy almost overnight.

Compevo, has made strategic backup and disaster recovery plans for its customers, and can do the same for you. We can handle the entire backup process and store backups off-site for maximum data and business protection.

Contact Us today and we'll find the plan that best suites your needs.