Be Careful Who You Host Your Business With Whether It Is A VPS Server, Webhosting Account or Dedicated Server -

Anyone familiar with the web hosting industry can tell you there are a lot of horror stories out there of people picking the wrong company and being left high end dry, with angry clients, lost money and lots of downtime, especially when their host goes bankrupt and/or disappears.

As far fetched as this sounds, it is common. Especially with many companies being run by unscrupulous individuals and sometimes a company setup with multiple ownership, partners and investors.  In some cases the players involved may be teenagers, and people have found out the hard way that when tempers flare over problems with their VPS or Dedicated Servers, a dispute may lead to deliberate downtime from your host.

It's very important that you especially avoid "reselling companies", that means companies which are simply affiliates and/or resellers in order to offer their service.  The more middle men involved the more chances that things will occur that could put your hosting and business in jeopardy.

Compevo does not offer resold services and we maintain and service all of our products, servers and services.

At Compevo we are wholly owned and there is only a single ownership which founded Compevo back in 2001 and we are a company who specializes in getting to know our customers better and providing superior customer service, far above our competitors.

 Things you should consider when choosing a company:

1) Ask as many questions as you want, however detailed or however ‘dumb’.

2) Be a little suspicious if the company is offering something ‘great’ at a very very LOW price. This is often a sign that the servers are being overloaded, which means lower speeds for you. And it also could mean they’re not going to be around for too long.

3) Know what you’re doing and learn about the different options available to you.