Canadian Web Hosting - Webhosting Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Canada -

Web Hosting in Canada is a popular choice for businesses around the world.  By choosing Canadian Web Hosting in Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto you have the best connectivity and routing in the world.  The routing and connectivity is equivalent to the USA, yet you have the safety, security and protection of your customers' data being hosted by a Canadian company.  There is no doubt that Web Hosting in Canada is the best value and most reliable and secure choice for businesses around the world, and our customers have repeatedly told us this.

Our primary facility in Canada which we use for Canadian Web Hosting is located in Toronto, Canada.  The reason is because Toronto has the best routing to both the USA, Europe and Asia.  In fact our latency and speed tests, show it is absolutely the best location in the world when measuring latency and overseas bandwidth.

Toronto is directly connected to all the major Canadian ISPs and ISPs in the US.  The peering agreements at our premium facility in Toronto are second to none, which is why more businesses choose compevo's Canadian Web  Hosting.

The other reason compevo has chosen Toronto is because the latency, and bandwidth to Canada is also far superior being in Toronto.  When it comes to overseas bandwidth, our BGP4 routing has the choice of virtually any ISP in the world to route through and this is what makes our service so reliable and fast, compared to some of our competitors.  Many companies who offer Canadian Web Hosting in Toronto use "Cogent" bandwidth is the price is significantly lower than the quality bandwidth providers and peers we use.

We have spared no expense to ensure our network is not only the best in Canada, North America, but one of the top tier-1 networks in North America.

We are confident our Canadian Web Hosting packages can meet the demands and requirements of businesses around the world and are pleased to continue serving our existing and growing client base, with quality Canadian Web Hosting solutions with the best speeds to Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and the rest of North America, Asia and Europe.