Control Panels & VPS Servers Don't Make Performance Sense -

Maybe it's just the industry pushing control panels so much because they are another way to make a profit, but are they really necessary and do they provide value?

In terms of performance they are the worst and this is why so many companies are pushing control panels like CPanel and Plesk.  By making the customer pay extra for a control panel that consumes more resources, customers would be forced to upgrade their VPS simply to run an overbloated control panel.  A good example is that httpd processes (Apache webserver) consume far more RAM per process than a non-Plesk or non-control Panel based httpd, which means your VPS is more susceptible to performance degradation and even worse, is less able to handle DOS (Denial of Service) attacks.

We dislike both of those control panels, because they consume a large amount of resources, reduce the overall responsiveness and performance of your applications, and usually force customers to upgrade to more expensive plans they don't really need.  Even worse, we notice it takes long to do anything in them, the simplest task such as checking a database or creating an e-mail account seems much too slow and lagged.

The two control panels we do like are LxAdmin and DirectAdmin, both are "lightweight", meaning they consume far less resources than CPanel and Plesk, and further they are more responsive and quicker than CPanel and Plesk.  What's more, they appear to be more stable and secure than their competitors.

We believe CPanel's days are definitely numbered, because it is definitely the most resource hungry control panel and it also tends to be highly targeted by hackers and is a common way many people and web hosts lose all of their customers data.

Our recommendation is that you shouldn't install a control panel for security reasons or for performance, especially on a VPS unless you have a VPS Server with a lot more RAM.

In many situations, learning how to do things the right way from the command line or simply using Webmin for free gets the job done more quickly, efficiently and securely.   Most of all you'll save money in the long run as many customers would be able to get away with lower VPS plans in some cases because of the RAM savings of not having a control panel.  We're sure the competitors and control panel developers won't appreciate this article but we felt it had to be said, and this is also based on our own experiences.