Distributed Server Clustering To Protect Yourself - 0 downtime! -

Most companies are still not running in a fully clustered and redundant environment.
In plain English, this means they are not protecting themselves from critical downtime and lost business.

Imagine if your e-mail server crashes or has a power outage and customers can't e-mail you and your employees can't communicate with each other?

Or worse, if your web site/server crashes and customer data is lost, and prospective business goes to the competition because they thought your company was out of business.

Another scenario is what if all of your data and critical services are operating from a single location?  No matter how fireproof and how much backup power there is, a natural or man made disaster has the potential to destroy the entire building or at least all of your data through fire or water.


There are countless things that can go wrong, and don’t say it won’t happen to me; it’s happened many times. Get the information you need, make sure you at least run from a clustered environment.

Compevo offers fully clustered and redundant VPS servers, no downtime, no headaches.

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