No Downtime, Clustered Servers -

Premium Service and Peace of Mind

Compevo is one of the only companies in the world providing truly “clustered” VPS servers. Few companies have the resources and ability to offer and maintain high levels of service but with Compevo, you get Premium 100% clustered Hosting options at the best prices in the market.

No one should have to suffer downtime, which can last up to days to get you back online. With clustered and Fully Redundant packages offered by Compevo, you get online and stay online even with complete hardware failure. This service was once only available to enterprise customers, but we’ve made it affordable for all markets and all budgets.

On Compevo’s clustered VPS Servers, there are two physical servers behind each VPS, which means we use the best hardware and you have a second physical standby server available for your VPS, this is how we ensure your server never goes down.

Businesses choose Compevo after the server their VPS is hosted on goes down for days and lost profits. With Compevo’s ‘clustered VPS Servers’, you don’t worry, because you don’t suffer downtime. Compevo’s clustered solutions are perfectly synchronized to copy all your data instantaneously, so that your business doesn’t undergo days or weeks of downtime.

No downtime means less hassle, less worry; and money saved. Don’t be vulnerable with other Hosting companies, get the best clustered hosting options for the most affordable prices. With packages starting as low as $79.99 a month. Be efficient, don’t suffer any losses from downtime.

Switch to Compevo’s clustered VPS hosting and focus on your business instead of worrying about uptime.

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