Recent Customer Testimonials -

"Best service ever- PERIOD" - N. Aberman #KoreaVPS $44.95

“You don't even know what a Cloud feels like until you "- Les Baker, #CloudCanadaVPS, $89.77



“Where have you been all my life compevo! After getting screwed by other dedicated clustered companies with pricing and service, you guys hit a new standard of awesome! Fantastic support- beyond what I expect for the money. And amazing service and speeds in China” - D. Cullen, Dedicated Server, China $899.00



“Wow! This is really amazing support! Thanks for the fast set up, and the heads up about the ICP. I’m glad you told us and we decided on HongKong. Made this really easy for us and it was cheaper for us then China- so yeah, thank you! Not a lot of companies would do that” - Layla Mamoud, Hong Kong VPS’s, Hong Kong $89.00

“Can you guys stop being so amazing, it’s making me look bad. I’ve been an admin for ********** for 6 years now and never had such a positive experience during a support ticket. You guys really helped us out with this and it wasn’t even your damn problem. Thanks for saving my neck hahaha” - Leslie Wang, $160.000 SingaporeVPS’s

“Too late, I love you! Fast service, fast set up, and the speeds- dear lord the speeds! Thank god I found you Compevo!” - Don Sellinger, CanadaVPS’s, $20.00



“I’ve been with you guys on this $20 package for 5 years now, and I still got the same great service I always have. Now it’s time for me to upgrade to a larger package and move my other stuff to you. you guys congratulated me on this business success. Now I run a large scale VOIP company and need extra’s and like you guys were loyal to me as a customer all these years, I’m going to be loyal. I ain’t moving away from quality of service and the products like yours. Thanks for these past 5 years. Here’s to another 10 years of mutual business success.” - L.K Cheung, CanadaCloud, USACloud, $undisclosed

“The impossible happened when I contacted your sales team- THEY ACTUALLY KNEW THE TECHNICAL STUFF! Talked to your support team today and you got me Compevo! I signed up. Technical savvy sales, brilliant support team- who the hell in their right mind wouldn’t sign up!” - Donald Layman, CanadaCloudVPS USACloudVPS, $undisclosed



Peter Alabaster here. Just wanted to send your manager a special thankx. I notice the difference in the speed and the quality of the service.
- Peter Alabaster
TFC Japan

I was freaking tired of downtime. REALLY REALLY TIRED! This clustered solution is perfect. I don't know why I didn't move all my stuff to you guys sooner. FREEDOM AT LAST!
- Lori Upster, New Jersey

$134.99!! 4 what we're getting thats a damn steal. I will 4 sure be upgrading in the near future.
- Chong Lu, Beijing China, IT Manager

 thank you for making this affordable. The last host I moved the company to drove us to the brink of insanity. Now that we moved over to you guys, I can now love my job and VPS again.
- James Jenson, IT administrator, Blueprint, Dubai

To Whom it may concern,

My name is Fred Bird. I switched over to your clustered VPS package 13 months ago and I wanted to email and let someone there know that this has been the single best experience I have ever had. Normally in this industry, you see a lot of crap, a lot of junk being sold off as 'being great'.  I had no problems moving my business over and we have been downtime free since the day we signed up. I reckon we never seen that before.

Service was phenominal. Alex Cordery & Markus L were both  fantastic in answering all my questions before and after moving.

The speeds are the best even all the way down under, the service is probably the best I've ever had in a long time; and just the overall experience is more than I expected.

So to the management, I say, great work! And TWO thumbs up for the impressive staff- very knowledgeable.

- Fred Bird, TNT, Auckland

Simply put, you guys made my day.
- Larry Ports & Coren Mise, IT administrator & supervisor, Hayes,London

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