SSL Certificate Providers Review & Comparison and Installation -

compevo is a leading SSL Certificate Provider

Having SSL used to be a luxury or even a bonus to entice customers and readers to view your site, nowadays it is a requirement.  Many people will not visit let alone, buy from your site if you do not have a valid SSL certificate that is properly installed (and signed from a registered Certificate Provider).

compevo provides Geotrust SSL Certificates and allows the use of the WWW and non-WWW domains without extra cost (using the Subject Name Alternative field).

All certificates come with free installation, we just need the login details to your control panel and/or access to your Apache vhosts if you do not have a control panel.  One important requirement to remember is that your site will need its own, unique, dedicated IP address (not shared with any other site).  Most hosts can provide an extra IP for a small fee each month.

Buy your compevo, Geotrust SSL Certificate for just $49 USD/year installed!