The compevo VPS Cloud Advantage -

Our Clustered Cloud VPS servers are not simply running off a shared network storage pool or SAN.

  • We don't rely on network storage which creates a performance bottleneck and can be unreliable.
  • We do not overload our servers or network.
  • Our architecture is scalable and deployed using guaranteed resources without relying on unreliable and single point of failure storage pools.

Many clients are put off by the idea of Cloud after seeing what can go wrong in an overloaded or shared network envrionment which many Clouds are based on.

Our solutions have been developed and maintained in-house, we do not rely on the commercial software many other providers use which is why have created our own purpose-built Cloud architecture for maximum performance and reliability.

Our Cloud Is Different

How can Cloud be Cloud without shared network storage?

We do not use shared storage, but rather a 1 to 1 backing, which means we use two physical servers for each host node.

They are not run off network attached storage, but rather local storage that is transparently replicated instantanously at the block level to another stand-by server.  Should one node go off-line or have a critical/catastrophic hardware failure, then the standby node has the exact copy of the data and will take over transparently resulting in at most a few minutes of downtime and no data loss.  Since we are running a 1 to 1 architecture there's no chance of multiple hardware failures creating an issue of overloading or non-failover compared to other solutions.