VPS Server Clustering Clustered - A Must For People Serious About Their Business -

Tired of downtimes? Even 10 minutes of downtime is too much when your business is out of commission. Your customers are missing out on your business. Don’t let your Hosting company fail you again.

People from around the world, from the US, to China, are switching to Compevo. Don’t go down, and don’t lose your data. Get familiar with what you’re buying and what you’re getting for the money.

Every day people switch over, and chronicle stories of hardware issues with their previous VPS provider. In many cases the customer suffers dataloss when they find out that there were no backups made nor had they made any of their own.

Don’t wait till you go down, contact Compevo today and switch to the clustered solution.

There are TWO crucial points that both the VPS Server Providers and Customers need to understand and address:

  1. The VPS Server Provider should clearly state what kind of redundancy they have on their servers and what (if any) backup procedures are in place (some companies do offer backups for an additional price)
  2. VPS Server Providers must ensure customer data is redundant and backed up to some level.
  3. Customers who purchase VPS Servers must be diligent about the kind of service they are getting, and ALWAYS make their own off-site backups one way or another.
  4. Customers should also realize that companies offering amazing packages at impossibly low prices can never have the kind of redundancy a business should have. They won't be able to do backups, and worse, they have to oversell to make a profit, which means the chances of data loss increase greatly. Finally, your server will probably be running slower than others due to the overselling.

These are a few points we thought people should consider when it comes to VPS Server Hosting.

We only offer fully redundant VPS Server hosting and we offer off-site backups for a small monthly fee.

Further, two copies of live, identical customer data always exist on two different physical servers.

This has two crucial benefits over the other VPS Server Providers:

  • Even if all the hard drives fail in your host node (main server), your data is not lost.
  • Since your data is stored identically on a second server, our system will automatically detect this failure and your sites will continue running on the standby server (in fact you wouldn't suffer dataloss or more than 1-2 minutes of downtime)

That is the difference between professional, quality VPS Server solutions and other companies who simply sell on volume who aren't experienced in engineering stable, robust, scalable and fully clustered and redundant VPS Server solutions.


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