VPS Servers Hosted In Canada for Better Security, Uptime and Reliability -

VPS Dedicated and Co-located Servers Hosted in Canada - Reasons Why Canada Is Ideal

Canada is the ideal place to host your server in the world for several reasons.  You should be familiar with where you are hosting and what laws govern that country and how the speeds are.

Canada, aside from amazing beer and maple syrup, has amazing speeds to all over the globe including all of Asia and Europe. There are no laws that force you to forfeit your data or your business information. For all American customers, this means that your data and information is not subject to the “Patriot Act”, which means your servers and data cannot be seized without wrongdoing on your part.

In the United States there have been cases where they unknowingly hosted SPAM or Fraud, and phishing sties. As a result, the entire data center or the company’s servers were seized with no chance of the legitimate companies getting their data and hardware back.

In Canada, there is a very low risk of Hardware being seized or data being lost in such cases. There’s also minimal risks for Terrorist attacks or natural disasters to affect our network or datacenters.

One of the best reasons to switch to a “Canadian” company is because Canada has some of the most underutilized fibre optic network in the world. This means no congestion, low latency, and the most reliable and fastest loading web sites. Unlike many other countries, it’s not an issue in Canada.  

Canada has direct and fast connections to the rest of the world, and the latency and speed to countries in Europe and Asia is ideal and is the most central and neutral place in the entire world for hosting your website via VPS server, dedicated server or co-location.

Further, in Canada most companies tend to be medium to large businesses, who offer enhanced customer service and where there have been less incidents of fraud, companies disappearing or going bankrupt and most importantly less overselling and overcrowding of server rooms.

When you host your VPS, dedicated server or co-located server in Canada you're getting the best value in reliability, performance and peace of mind compared to any other place in the world. In the case of Compevo, we have the best network in Canada and North America, providing speeds and reliability unseen in the industry.


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