VPS VDS Virtual Private Dedicated Server With Failover and Redunancy - Avoid Unnecessary Downtime! -

The hot trend in the web hosting, co-location and dedicated hosting industry has by far been VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server).  From here on we'll call it VPS (its most common and current name)

The main selling points of a VPS are quite numerous but often offer a false sense of security and protection.

Here are the benefits of VPS in theory:

  • Scalable and Upgradeable (this means you can always add more memory, CPU and hard drive space without taking your server down)
  • You get the flexibility of a fully dedicated server with the ability to easily backup the entire server and also move and upgrade the server

Here is what often happens with other VPS hosts in practice:

  • Many VPS Server Hosts overload or oversell their servers.  This concept is the same idea of a web host putting thousands of clients on a single server, even a fast server will end up becoming slow.  At least with hosts that oversell you still have more isolation and security from other users, but your performance and stability can still suffer if the main server is overloaded with too many customers. 
  • VPS Servers can be just as unreliable and burdensome as co-located or dedicated servers, in the hands of the wrong people and wrong companies who don't know what they are doing.  A good example are many customers who have signed up with us after experiencing frequent outages of hours or even days with their VPS hosts.
  • Only some VPS providers use RAID mirroring or striping technologies, to increase disk performance and to protect against disk failures.  What often happens as a result of high usage between so many clients on the server is that sites begin to load slowly and the server is more likely to overheat and go down, which means your sites go down with it.

compevo's philosophy on quality and reliable VPS Hosting:

  1. We never overload or oversell our VPS servers and they are always the top-of-line and use the best components in the industry
  2. Our servers are the most reliable because we have failover on them.  That means if the physical server stops working, whether it is the hard drive, motherboard, RAM etc.., we have a spare server that was already mirroring your data, and it will instantly and seamlessly take over, meaning there is no chance a server failure can cause downtime for you, unlike other hosts.  compevo is the first VPS Server provider to offer this unique and mission critical feature.
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