clustered VPS Server Hosting FAQ -

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What does "clustered" mean?
In plain english it means no downtime and no dataloss.  Here's why:

Clustered servers improve the reliability and availability of the services.  Typically only organizations with large budgets have been able to cluster, but compevo has brought clustered VPS servers to the mainstream.

When you are clustered there are other physical servers available to take over instantly if there is a hardware failure.   Even in the case of complete hard drive or RAID array failure, data is not lost in our clustered environment.

With other hosts, hard drive/RAID array failure means instant data loss and this is why customers are switching to Compevo's clustered VPS Servers.

Other providers say they have 99.9% uptime, isn't that good enough?
99.9% uptime is a very misleading statement in general. 
When other providers say 99.9% uptime, they are promising their network or internet connection is up 99.9% of the time, but what if your server crashes or the hard drive fails?  With other providers, this means that if your server crashes, motherboard fails, RAID array fails, that your server will be down and you could suffer complete data loss.  We guarantee 99.9% network uptime, and we also guarantee our services through the use of  "clustered" servers, so even if your server fails, you won't suffer dataloss or more than 1 minute of downtime.

What makes your service different than others?
Our service is different because our servers and clustered, so they never go down even in the case of complete hardware failure on your node (the physical server your VPS resides on).

My previous host lost my data due to a server crash, can that happen with your service?
If your hardware node crashes (the server your VPS server actually resides on), you won't lose any data, this is because our service is clustered and another server will have a copy of your data and instantly take over.

Provider ABC seems to offer a better deal and a better price.

There are lower priced packages out there from other providers, but 99% of other providers and packages are not clustered.  That is why companies choose us, for the peace of mind and high availability that only Compevo can deliver.

One other concern is that low-priced VPS Servers are often hosted on used, low-grade hardware and are "overloaded", and this contributes to high rates of failures, data loss, slow performance, and ultimately lost money for any business who choose such services.  Most businesses quickly move their sites away from these services once they run into these inevitable issues.  Unfortunately you normally get what you pay for.

If you can afford downtime or sudden downtime, then a budget package may be for you, but for the majority of our customers downtime and data loss is not an option.

What is the difference between dedicated servers and your product?
We offer VPS "Clustered Servers", which give you the same power as a dedicated server with added benefits.

1.) Since our VPS Servers are clustered (other companies don't use clustering), hardware failure won't cause you data loss and no more than 1 minute of downtime.
2.) We can add more RAM to your VPS without taking your server down.
3.) More space can be added without downtime as well.

What is the difference between your clustered solution and my regular hosting provider
The main difference is that our service is clustered so you won't face downtime or data loss even during hardware failures.
You still have full root access/control of your server, and all the power of a dedicated server.

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